Day 5 of the 5 Day Prayer Challenge

It was after my season of breaking all ties from my past, discovering my identity in Christ, and learning what it really took to have a successful Godly marriage, that my Pastor gave me the approval to go into “seek” mode.

The bible says in Proverbs 18:22, “He who FINDS a wife, finds what is GOOD and receives favor from the Lord.”

I still believe it is God’s will that men FIND, and women be FOUND.

Men should be doing the seeking, with the desire to find.

Women should be doing the hiding, with the desire to be found.

I use to have consistent day dreams of meeting my wife in the middle of aisle 7 off the grocery store as I was looking for pasta…

….my buggey would collide into hers, causing her to fall down...and like the superhero that I am...I would catch her right before she falls.

She would look deep into my eyes causing all of my organs to shut down, the movie music would begin to play, and Michael, the archangel, would descend from heaven with a SHOUT. 

And that would be my final confirmation that I FOUND the one. 

Well, it DIDN’T go like that AT ALL. 

My REAL love story actually went like this:

I was sitting at home after a long day of work, so I did what every Godly single man with no responsibilities outside of work, eating, and playing video games does...scrolls his Facebook timeline. 

As I was scrolling, I was stopped by this really pretty woman’s post talking about Jesus. I had no idea who she was or how I knew her. A few days later I saw another post from her, which caused me to do a little “facebook stalking”. 

I soon got the courage to message her. 

(If I wasn’t in the season of seeking, I would’ve NEVER done this.)

We started up conversation, and 9 months later I finally got the courage to ask her if she would be interested in getting to know another a little better.

That message led to us getting married a little over a year later.

So, despite what you believe….God is STILL writing love stories the way HE wants to write them, and He really doesn’t care about our fairy tale stories, but is more committed to you finding, or being found, by the RIGHT one… versus the one who is perfect for your “story.”

So, today we are going to pray that your future spouse is in the season of their life to where they are “seeking” to find, or “hiding” to be found.

Prayer Scripture: Proverbs 18:22, “He who FINDS a wife, finds what is GOOD and receives favor from the Lord.”

Father, I thank you for my future spouse.

I pray in the name of Jesus that you would help them to be in the right position for marriage, and be properly prepared to (find or be found).

Lord I ask that you place their focus on (finding a wife or becoming a wife) so that they can (find or be found) in your perfect timing. 

Destroy all false ideas of love in their hearts and minds, and replace it with your perfect love.

Cause their expectations of love to be in alignment with biblical principals and your will for their life in Jesus name. 

Set them free from every fairytale or holywood idea of “love.” 

Pour your pure and holy love into them that they would know what true love is and how to give it out in Jesus name, Amen.

Felisha EllisonComment