5 Day Prayer Challenge: Pray For Your Future Spouse

As you may already know, various challenges have been trending on social media over the past few years. These online challenges cover everything from image transformation to song/lyric covers and invite users to participate, often causing the challenge to become a viral sensation. This past week I came across an interesting challenge online by Jamal and Natasha Miller. I had never heard of them previously, but they are the founders of Married & Young, a website encouraging healthy and fulfilling marriages on the foundation of Christ. The challenge they presented was for single people to set aside 5 days to pray for their future spouse, whether that person is known at this time or not. I found the idea interesting and decided to join the movement. To be honest, I'd already said prayers regarding the man I will one day marry. So going into the challenge I figured that it wouldn't be too far from what I had already thought of, but boy was I completely wrong! To be clear, the challenge wasn't to focus on praying for your future spouse to find you right away but instead for God to be preparing them now to be who they need to be in order for them to be a successful and godly spouse when the right time comes.

Interestingly enough, my biggest takeaway from this past week of prayer was how much I need God to do in my own heart in preparation for marriage. While I would say a prayer for my future husband, the same words rang true for myself. I would follow each prayer by praying it over my own life. Overall, I will say that this week of prayer has been eye-opening and life changing for me. I will share each day's prayer individually for you all here on my blog.

I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did!

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