The Winding, Winding Road to New York, Fashion and Parsons - Part 2

While participating in school fashion shows at UGA, I was still declaring advertising as my major. People would ask about my future goals and I would often express my desire to build a fashion brand. For many, majoring in advertising did not equate to a fashion career, but to me it always made sense. In these moments I often questioned if my thought process was logical. Over time I began to learn how important it is to follow your heart and believe in what you think is right for you despite how others may feel about it. Sometimes the vision you have for your future isn't what others can see at the particular time, and thats okay. The key is to keep the vision in your heart and keep working towards it until it becomes a reality. The summer before my senior year in college, I was accepted to study abroad in Cannes, France to attend the International Festival of Creativity. It was on my flight home from this trip that the thought of moving to New York came to mind. After this, I decided to pursue attending Parsons School of Design to study fashion design. I asked my favorite fashion merchandising teacher, Mrs. Emily Blalock, for advice during this time. She reviewed my application before I submitted it and helped me decide on Parsons as the school to really go for. Since being accepted and moving to New York, my life has changed forever. My exposure to the world of luxury, New York Fashion Week, and interning at various fashion brands has provided me with invaluable experiences. Looking back, I am more than happy to have taken the leap of faith to move to New York to go after my dreams.

Now that I've covered some of the highlights - soon I'll share some stories of the not so glamourous side of living in New York. Until then, take care. 😘


Nice Girl in Fashion,