Welcome to Nice Girl in Fashion

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to read my first post! I want to take a moment to provide some background on the idea behind Nice Girl in Fashion. Nice Girl in Fashion comes from what I feel is the general perception of women in the fashion industry as catty, backbiting, superficial, and only looking out for themselves as they fight their way to the top. I think that my first real run-in with this idea was when I was 13-years-old at the movie theater watching The Devil Wears Prada - a fashionista's classic. This movie has since become a reference of humor for me when joking about potential work environments. While at times this movie's depiction of the fashion world is closer to reality than fantasy, I have found that nice girls do exist in the fashion world. I believe that they can exist and be successful, and I would consider myself to be one of them. I would like to promote this idea instead of the former because I believe it is what should become the normative image for both developing and working women to see - likely beyond just in the fashion industry.

In addition to being a "Nice Girl in Fashion", I am a "Black Girl in Fashion", a "Christian Girl in Fashion", a "Natural Girl in Fashion" - I'm young, single, and there are parts of life that I just don't understand. I want to use Nice Girl in Fashion to write about all of this and create an open forum for people to relate, share stories, and collaborate. I want readers to give and receive advice and simply see that they are not alone. Everyone is going through something that ends up being preparation for the future. As with any great thing - hard work, sacrifice, and unexpected highs and lows are all part of the process. I hope to share my life and process through this blog with you!


Talk soon!